The VirtualHere Modular KVM/IP system makes it easy and affordable to access computers and devices remotely!

The VirtualHere Modular KVM/IP (Keyboard/Mouse/Video over Internet Protocol) system allows you to remotely view and control a target PC/Mac/Android/iDevice at the hardware level (it does not require any software installation on the target). This is very useful for PC BIOS access and ensuring the target is always accessible regardless of its running state.

The VirtualHere KVM/IP system is different from all existing competitor KVM/IP systems because it is made of separately purchasable components. It uses your existing network, and your existing Mac/PC/Linux/NAS or Embedded device provides the KVM/IP server functionality. There is no need to use a custom KVM/IP server box or dedicated network. Use what you already have!

Simply purchase just the components you need to manage each target. Each component: the HDMI transmitter, Keyboard/Mouse Emulator, and ATX controller (coming soon), all use standard USB protocols.

The targets are served over the network using the mature and robust VirtualHere USB Server software that you run on your own hardware. You can have an unlimited number of KVM/IP targets on the network. VirtualHere runs over TCP and does not require any special networking setup. Remote VirtualHere client software running on MacOS, Linux and Windows can view and control any/all of the KVM/IP targets on the network. There is no limitation on the number of target machines simultaneously accessible from a single client machine other than network bandwidth and processing abilities. Furthermore a single VirtualHere server can host multiple KVM/IP connections to nearby targets, similar to a KVM/IP switch except access can be simultaneous.

See here for instructions on how to use the system.